How does Vikaboni work?

Vikaboni is created for the Agri-based traders & vendors, with a keen focus on Organic produce. The
vendors have to set up an account on the platform via the website.
After creation of an Account, the vendor is then required to customize their shop with details about the product offerings.
Vikaboni provides end to end fulfillment of all the purchases and orders made on the platform. The order is dispatched from the vendors shop through one of our delivery partners, enabling us to
accomplish same day deliveries across Nairobi & its environments.
At Vikaboni there are no entry costs or registration fees. Vikaboni takes a service fee/ commission of
10% on every transaction.

What kind of merchants does Vikaboni attract?

Vikaboni attracts producers and traders who are selling agricultural produce that is Organically produced, Healthy and 100% Natural.

Do you have to live in Kenya to buy/sell on the platform?

We operate with small scale farmers and traders operating or located in Kenya. Our aim is to provide a direct access to the market for the small scale farmers.

What problem is Vikaboni solving?

Most of the Small scale farmers and Agricultural produce traders are limited to a certain geographical reach due to the nature of the current industry setting.
Most of the eCommerce platforms are highly diversified with other products, thus making it hard for Agri-based traders to maximize on them.
They are also faced with the problem of distribution. The cost and headache of organizing for customer deliveries have limited the traders to Centrally located markets.
Vikaboni seeks to help Agri-based traders to access new markets via the platform, enable fast
deliveries and operate online shops at absolutely zero cost to them.

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